Saturday, February 21, 2009

Where Did the Week Go?

I can't believe that it's Saturday night. This week has been a totally blur! So much so that Chris and I were organizing one of our daughter's birthday parties on Thursday. There was no time for invites or making elaborate plans because the party had to happen on Saturday. Yep a whole 2 day notice, and thankfully we still had people show up and she had a great day! Her team is in the league tournament in basketball; after today's game, they are 25-0!!

It's not that we procrastinated about the party. The time just got away from me. With the launch of Blossom SPA Parties on the 2nd of this month, February has literally flown by me. I have spent this week focusing on Social Media and trying to find the right advertising for the company. I always hated the term Social Media. Maybe because I didn't get it, but I've come to see that it can be very beneficial for brand awareness and for making great connections.

Trying to find the right advertising and/or press opportunities is very tricky when you're a mom of many. I try my best to be professional, but that's pretty hard when you have kids beating down your door as you're talking ad prices or when you are talking to an editor about writing a piece for their publication and your 3 year old bust in screaming, "I've got to go POTTY!!!!" Really professional.

I try my best to get my kids situated and entertained before I make calls, but it never fails that they come and find me in my hiding spot. Most people seem understanding of the interruptions, but what I wouldn't give for a peaceful work conversation. My friends are used to it. Maybe that's why I feel the need to constantly explain and forewarn everyone who I work with in advance.

One of those people is a wonderful woman named Linda. She is the Co-owner of a relatively new shop called Main Street Treasures. Boy, she has heard an earful in our few conversations. I always feel so badly, but she has been so kind and understanding, especially this week. Awhile back, Linda contacted me, and last Friday we worked out a deal for her to carry Blossom products in her store. I told her upfront about the SPA Parties, and she was still on board and understand that if the BSP takes off in her area, we both may agree that it no longer makes sense for them to carry the products. Everything was great until Tuesday- well actually Monday.

Monday was the day that I took the kids to see The Cat in the Hat; it was also the day Linda was going to meet Chris to get the products that she had ordered. Well, it was President's Day, and the kid's didn't have school. I totally forgot! I felt awful when I realized. I went from being so excited about my outing to kicking myself about screwing up something really important. Thankfully, she was nice about it, and I had Chris actually drive out to her shop to drop the products of instead her coming to meet him.

Hopefully the week coming up will be a little more calm; I don't really know how it could be, but I can dream!!

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