Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Cat in the Hat and The Boy with No Coat

I've heard the saying, "Blog like nobody's watching!" Well that's easier said than done when you've got six children. When I decided to write about my life, I thought I'd just "put it all out there!" In theory that's great, but I never want Children's Services to come swooping in on me! HAHA

I had one of those moments when I thought for sure that at any moment I would be handed the "Bad Mommy Award" and my prize would be a night at County. I am a mom, a working mom with 6 kids and I try to balance it all, but obviously I'm only one person so sometimes (ok who am I fooling- a lot of times) I fall short.

I was so excited because the Cat in the Hat was coming to our local PBK. I really wanted to take the kids, but you have to understand that I really don't jump for joy about outings by myself. I usually lose my cool about 5 times before we make it out the door. Then I feel guilty half the way there until the screaming starts over who knows what and I loose it again, but I cut myself some slack 'cause I didn't see any other ladies in there with 6 kids! LOL

I had planned to leave at 10:45 for an 11:30 book reading, but I couldn't find my camera. I had to have my camera. We actually leave at 11:03 which leaves us just enough time (if I speed a little) to get to PBK, park and rush inside. At roughly 11:07, I look in the rear view mirror and notice my son doesn't have a coat on so I ask where his coat was. He tells me that he didn't wear one. I'm like HELLO, it's February in OHIO and all of 30 degrees out. How did you not bring your coat? And how did I not notice. Hate to say this actually isn't a first.

I'm far enough away from home now that if I turn around, I'll be late for sure so what to do? I reason with myself and just keep truckin'. In my defense my son is always hot and usually is around the house only wearing shorts so that doesn't make it that bad, right? Well according to the little old lady who we passed and who shot me the most evil look ever, I won the award big time!!

By the time we pull up and park, it's about 11:28 so I throw the baby in the back of the double stroller and the 3 year old in the front of it. She's screaming bloody murder because she hasn't been in it in awhile, and I think it was adjusted to the baby's size so it was way to small for her. It's so tight, and I can't get it to budge so I unsnap one side of it and tell the kids, "RUN". The kids and I are hauling it down the side walk to the store and show up late of course. My girlfriend who I invited was already there with her twins sitting amongst all the other kids.

All and all it was a good visit, minus the fact that the batteries were dead on my camera (yeah the camera that made me late) so I had to use my daughter's camera phone because I'm such a hoarder that I refuse to delete the pics on my phone. Now it won't let me take more. The kids had a great time playing at PBK! And most importantly I didn't get a go to you no where FREE pass!

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